VR for vocational training and career guidance

Special session at EuroXR conference 2023

VR4VET consortium invites EuroXR participants to a special session on virtual reality in career guidance and vocational education.

Special session

Discuss sustainable XR R&D!

Explore open-source XR R&D!

Be invited to collaborate with VR4VET!

The special session on VR for vocational training and career guidance is designed for VR researchers who are interested in solutions to solving societal challenges.

🚀We will discuss challenges and opportunities for XR research projects reaching the users and becoming sustainable.

👨‍💻We will present our approach to the development of VR apps for career guidance and vocational education in an open source project.

🤝We will invite all participants to collaborate in the frame of our open-source development project.

The special session is organized by the VR4VET project, and EU-funded initiative aiming at designing open-source Virtual Reality applications and training how to integrate them into the counseling and educational processes.


📌 De Doelen

📌Schouwburgplein 50, 3012 CL Rotterdam

📌Part of EuroXR

30 November 2023

Last session on Day 2

Thursday 🗓️ 30 November 2023

CET: 17:00-18:30

2023/11/30 17:00:00


🗓️ 30 November 2023



De Doelen