We aim to establish an international partnership in applying Virtual Reality for vocational education and career guidance, providing a standard of excellence in this area. We aim to build best practices in educational virtual reality, virtual reality for work, vocational education, and career guidance.


Currently, 3.1 million young people in Europe aged 15-24 cannot find a job. The number of people not in education, employment, or training aged 15-29 is 9.6 million, and they often cannot contribute to society because of low self-esteem, low motivation, low level of developing working skills, and lack of mastery in school and in daily life. At the same time, youth already participating in education and training do not always receive adequate information about possible career choices. Innovative solutions are needed to include these groups in the working life or training programs. Research in digital career guidance emphasizes online communication, video, chat, and other tools. Immersive technologies have been used in vocational education in several contexts, but their use in career guidance is largely unexplored.


The project proposes a new approach to vocational education and career guidance by applying Virtual Reality to allow active and engaging exploration of professions and introductory training. This approach can give young job seekers a more realistic picture of different jobs and a vital learning experience that is needed for decision-making learning competence. The project contributes to developing innovative digital career guidance methods, including young people with mental health and other employability challenges, supported by studies. The project develops competence, and counselling techniques for vocational education trainers and career advisors, boosting their digital competences, and aligning with EU Youth Guarantee and Bridge to Jobs initiative.


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We apply open-source software development methodology to the production of our Virtual Reality modules and the underlying development infrastructure. It is easy to join our team!